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Co-worker makes case for Tammy Havard for Westfield Clerk-Treasurer


Dear Editor,

On many occasions, in our local elections in strongly Republican Hamilton County, we don’t have contested races in the May primary. This year there are several offices in Westfield that are contested, including the Clerk-Treasurer’s office. I strongly endorse and support the election of Tammy Havard for the office of Westfield Clerk-Treasurer.

Why the endorsement for Tammy Havard?

Tammy has a plan. In her words: “I plan to impact positive change in the Clerk-Treasurer’s Office.” Her goal is to implement and “innovate processes” in that office to better serve the citizens of Westfield. As the Financial Strategist for the City of Westfield, she has proven she is capable of making that happen.

Tammy recovered over $1 million of our food and beverage tax dollars for Westfield that, due to our complex Zip code issues, were paid to other communities in error by the State of Indiana.

Tammy led the effort of managing the 2016 Special Census that increased Westfield’s road revenues by over $1 million.

Tammy modernized the City’s financial software, increasing efficiency of the process and providing improved access to important financial information to the City administration.

Tammy launched the Westfield public Financial Transparency Portal at OpenGov,, using a number of Westfield citizens to test the portal and to receive input on how it could best be improved for ease of use by Westfield citizens before rolling it out to the entire community.
While achieving all this, Tammy has taken on a number of roles in serving the community in other ways with her role of President of her HOA Board, as an inaugural mentor with the Westfield Youth Assistance Program, by managing the Westfield Community Association Network Program, and by being a Daisy Troop Leader for 20 youngsters – all this while being a mom to her two children with the help and support of her husband.

Tammy is a proven leader and civil servant. For more details, check out her website,
Tammy and I both started working for the City of Westfield over 11 years ago on the first day Westfield became a City. I have seen her in action and personally experienced her dedication, drive and talent in full view. She is professional, highly-educated in Public Policy and Management at Arizona State and Carnegie Mellon University, has been a devoted Westfield public servant for the last 11 years.

She deserves your vote to be Clerk-Treasurer for the City of Westfield and to help take Westfield to the next level as we continue to grow as a family-oriented community. Please vote for Tammy Havard for Clerk Treasurer of Westfield in the Republican Primary on May 7.

Joe Plankis


Tammy Havard for Westfield
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